Thursday, January 19, 2017

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Mystic Moon Tree Holistic Healing Sessions

To schedule an appointment call & leave a message for Stephanie at (530)906-4334, email, or like & message Mystic Moon Tree on Facebook. Current schedule availability is limited. Choice of local in person, or online video chat sessions.

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About Stephanie your Session Advisor

Your Holistic Therapy Session Adviser:

Hello :)
    My name is Stephanie Cimmarusti & I am a holistic adviser & herbalist with 9 years experience in natural alternative energy healing therapies. I started on this path to becoming an herbalist, initially, because of health problems I suffer with personally that weren't being fully addressed by conventional western medicine. I was so happily amazed by the affect these alternative therapies had on me, that I began to use them on the pets I worked with. I am a licensed veterinary technician with 15 years experience working conventionally & holistically on animals.
    Recently I realized that there are many people in our area that are dealing with the same emotional distress as I was towards my ill health. They feel frustrated & alone in their fight to achieve it. I decided that, though I am not conventionally certified, or licensed, & mostly self taught, I still have a vast amount of knowledge, support & empathy to offer someone else trying to attain a better state of well being.
    I care & want to help in any way I can to help you feel better. I am willing to research your condition & be a friendly coach offering suggestions on conventional health options you may not have thought of trying before. I can offer a plethora of customized alternative holistic therapies in combinations specially designed for your unique situation. I can help you balance your energy. I do aromatherapy, herbal & tea remedies, crystal healing, energy assessment & healing, light, sound & resonance healing, stress & anxiety release, aura & chakra work, etc. If you feel like you are not well, not whole, then try taking holistic energy healing sessions with me.

Disclaimer: All services & items for sale on this page are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease & are merely meant to support energetic well being. Always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional, before beginning any holistic therapy. Herbal remedies are not recommended for internal use. Please understand that by scheduling an appointment with a session adviser you are agreeing to our liability release waiver & acknowledge that your adviser is not certified, or licenced in any way.  You agree that despite this you are confident that they can perform these services to the best of their ability for amusement purposes.

To Schedule an Appointment

To schedule a session call Stephanie Cimmarusti at (530)906-4334, email, or message me on Facebook. Mystic Moon Tree is part of Learn the Beat. Located at the Shannon Knox House at 6330 Hwy 193, Georgetown, CA 95634.