About Your Energy Adviser

About Your Holistic Energy Session Adviser:

Hello :)

    My name is Stephanie Cimmarusti & I am a holistic crystal energy healer, herbalist, path worker, aromatherapist, tarot reader, sensitive & practicing druid hedge witch with 12 years experience in natural alternative & complimentary energy healing therapies. I started on this path to becoming an herbalist, initially, because of health problems I suffer with personally that weren't being fully addressed by conventional western medicine. I was so happily amazed by the affect these alternative therapies had on me, that I began to use them on the pets I worked with. I am a licensed veterinary technician with 19 years experience working conventionally & holistically on animals.
    Recently I realized that there are many people in our area that are dealing with the same emotional distress as I was towards my ill health. They feel frustrated & alone in their fight to achieve well being. I decided that, though I am not conventionally certified, or licensed, & mostly self taught, I still have a vast amount of knowledge, support & empathy to offer someone else trying to attain a better state of well being.
    I care & want to help in any way I can to help you feel better. I am willing to research your condition & be a friendly coach offering suggestions on conventional health options you may not have thought of trying before. I can offer a plethora of customized alternative holistic therapies in combinations specially designed for your unique situation. I can help you balance your energy. I do aromatherapy, herbal & tea remedies, crystal healing, energy assessment & healing, light, sound & resonance healing, stress & anxiety release, aura & chakra work,tarot, magic, etc. If you feel like you are not well, not whole, then try taking holistic energy healing sessions with me.