Crystal Aroma Sessions

Crystal Aroma Sessions

Heal your Chakras & bring your Aura into balance with these custom sessions.
I recommend taking these sessions weekly, or once per month holistically in a series, or as needed to support healing on a Wellness Path, or Branched Path. They can also be taken individually & repeated, until that Chakra's independent issues are resolved. I suggest you start with a Wellness Path first, prior to taking Crystal Aroma Sessions, if you are new to taking holistic energy healing with Mystic Moon Tree.

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Star Seed


Third Eye



Solar Plexus



Earth Seed

Session Focus:
Star Seed - Raise Vibration & Connect to Spirit Guides
Crown - Relax, De-stress, Anti Anxiety & Expand your Awareness
Third Eye - Enlightenment, Wisdom & Spirit Walk
Throat - Truth, Communication, Freedom & Expression
Heart - Love, Friendship, Family, & Abundance, Overcoming Grief & Loss
Solar Plexus - Life Force, Courage, Confidence, Creativity, Overcoming Fear, Positivity.
Sacral - Passion, Romance, Manifestation, Conception, Pregnancy & Birth. Primal Survival.
Root - Grounding, Earthing, Connecting To Nature, Replenishing Physical Needs & Meditation.
Earth seed - Protection, Dreams, Subconscious & Past Life. Releasing Trauma.

Holistic Crystal Aroma Sessions: (Recommended. Approximately 1 hour long.)

Crystal Aroma Sessions
Preferred Date & Time

Simple Sessions: (... or Try a shorter session out before you commit to holistic sessions)

Crystal Aroma Sessions
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Crystal Aroma Session Take Homes
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Crystal Aroma Kits

You will need to purchase a crystal for each Crystal Aroma Session you intend to take. You will be connecting personally with the healing energies of these crystals & using them to heal your energy during your session & at home with continued meditations & self care energy work. These tumbles are intuitively hand selected for each individual taking sessions with me. Stones are each unique & the type of tumble chosen for you will be different for each person based on which crystals are available for the season, that the specific crystal will best serve your individual needs for that chakra & that they fall within the price range of the kit selected. I will be offering higher vibrational level kits for more advanced clients, raw stone specimens & crystal points in the future. Each stone is smudged, cleansed, charged, blessed & attuned to its healing purpose. Take time to get to know your crystal. Hold your stone near your chakra, so it can begin to resonate with your energy, when you first receive it. Feel free to message me prior to ordering with special crystal requests so I can build a custom kit that's just right for you.

Crystal Aroma Session Crystal Kits

Crystal Aroma Oils

Crystal Aroma Oils:

I recommend you purchase a Crystal Aroma Oil for each Crystal Aroma Session you plan to take. This is the first set of my essential oil synergy blends that I use in my Holistic Crystal Aroma Sessions for Chakra healing that are available for sale as Take Homes in easy to use roller ball bottles. They are an elaborate blend of aromatherapy essences that I created personally. You won't find these anywhere else. They have high quality, non GMO, chemical free, responsibly sourced organic oils, natural preservatives, & essential oils in a coconut oil & coconut rum base. They each are designed to embody specific healing principles to support the chakras within your aura. They also are made to work synergistically with the recommended crystals in these sessions. They are not a perfume & may need reapplication periodically throughout the day for the best benefit. They smell so good they'll make your eye lashes flutter. Yum! 

Crystal Aroma Oils
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For Online Video Chat Sessions:

Please Click Here ---> Zoom Online Video Chat Sessions

You will need to download the Zoom app above to your phone, tablet, or computer, create a user account & message me the email that account is under, so I can add you as a contact. Once that is done, just open the Zoom app on the day & time of our appointment & answer the call from me to enter our meeting. Please make sure you are in a quiet & comfortable environment without distractions & where you won't be interrupted for 1 to 3 hours. I suggest bringing a journal & pen, some tea or water, & any kit or other materials that pertain to what we are working on. 

*These sessions are intended to support healing of the aura & spirit & are not intended to treat or cure any disease, or take the place of seeing a doctor & therapist. By ordering from this website you have read & agreed to our terms.