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Crystal Energy Healing Sessions
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Seven Main Sessions Customized Holistically
$100 Per Session Plus Add-On & Take Home Therapies
Recommended weekly, or monthly for energy crisis.

Crystal Energy Healing holistically balances & heals your aura.

Session Focus:

Session #1 Evaluation & Consultation (E-mail) - An in depth discussion about you & what you need.
Session # 2 Journaling & Release - Path working, intro. to the aura, white light & basic crystal energy healing, CCOHRR & LTTH Exercises.
Session #3 Relaxation - Exercises, crystal & energy work with deep relaxation, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, sand tray & relaxation meditation.
Session #4 Grounding, Centering & Balancing - An intro to these concepts with meditations, crystals & aromatherapy.
Session #5 Aura, Shield & Breath - Using crystals, color, light, sound, aromatherapy & meditation we begin to get the Aura & its subtle bodies flowing properly.
Session #6 Chakras & Crystal Grids - Using energy dowsing & sensing techniques to identify problem areas in the aura & begin to heal them. Remove blockages, wounds, imbalances, cords & attachments.
Session #7 - Deep Energy Work & Resolutions - Deep crystal energy healing &, if possible, resolving your main concern. Some energetic imbalances may be too involved for the Wellness Path alone to resolve & may require additional specialized sessions to resolve like Crisis, Crystal Aroma, Branched Path, Reiki, or Cycle Syncing Sessions.

In these sessions we delve deep into the imbalances that have built up in your mind, body, heart, soul & spirit over the course of your life. We address one main concern & many smaller blockages as we begin this healing journey along a new path of self awareness & well being. If you choose to embrace this new path, its ideals & methodology, your life will change around you. Each session is a required stepping stone on this new path. We begin by discussing the whole of your current life situation in an in depth 1 to 3 hour evaluation session leaving no stone un-turned. Then you will learn exercises, meditations, energy flow techniques & how to use spiritual tools like crystals, teas, herbal remedies & aromatherapy to mindfully move forward into a more positive state of being. There are additional supplies & take home therapies you will be expected to purchase in addition to the session costs. Please remember to purchase crystal kits, aromatherapy, tea, herbal remedies & other supplies based on the recommendations in your consultation results from this website, or in our store prior to your scheduled appointment, or we may not be able to complete our full session. Each session is very different from the rest, but all are designed to work synchronistically, or in harmony with each other in a way that blends a multitude of healing modalities that are customized to heal your specific concern. This program does require you to grow spiritually & put time & effort into that growth. In your final sessions we will attempt to remove deep wounds, blockages & other energetic imbalances to resolve your main concern. 

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You will need to download the Zoom app above to your phone, tablet, or computer, create a user account & message me the email that account is under, so I can add you as a contact. Once that is done, just open the Zoom app on the day & time of our appointment & answer the call from me to enter our meeting. Please make sure you are in a quiet & comfortable environment without distractions & where you won't be interrupted for 1 to 3 hours. I suggest bringing a journal & pen, some tea or water, & any kit or other materials that pertain to what we are working on. 


Energy Crisis Sessions
(Can be taken as part of a Wellness Path, normally at Session #3, or
as needed for Energy Crisis)

Crisis Sessions
Session Type
Preferred Session Date & Time

"Broken Heart Session" 
For Grief, Loss & Heart Ache 
$400 in depth 1 to 3 hrs ea.
Three Session Package

If you have lost a loved one, are feeling lonely, or have suffered heartbreak from a recently ended relationship, this session can help. Dive deep to discover the root causes of your emotional state & begin to heal.

Escaping the Pit
To Support Healing from Depression
$150.00 in depth 1 to 3 hr

If you are in pain & lost in the darkness there is always hope. All you have to do is reach out for help.

Triggers & Trauma
$100 Holistic 1 hr

Identify, define & process residual auric damage. Understanding the wounds we carry. Heal constructs, shields and energetic patterns that no longer serve, release & heal old traumas & wounds. Take control of your trigger response to break unhealthy conditioned patterns.

Shadow Work & Mirror Work
$150 Holistic 1 hr

Face yourself in the deepest parts of you, 

Herbal Healing
Aches & Pains
$100 in depth 1 hr

If you have blockages, wounds, attachments & other energetic imbalances that are manifesting as physical health issues this session may help.
Your Herbalist will suggest a customized mix of herbs, essential oils, teas, traditional remedies, & crystals to address your main concern.

"Path Working"
Meditation, Journaling, Release & Mindful Manifestation
$100 Holistic 1 hr

If you just need a calm space to talk it out & find new ways to look at things, this is the session for you. If your path seems to be broken, or leading to a cliff or a wall, don't despair. This type of session can help illuminate new forks in your path you didn't realize were available to you. Choose to travel the path that leads to your best self.

"A difficult path can still lead to something beautiful"...

*These sessions are intended to support healing of the aura & spirit & are not intended to treat or cure any disease, or take the place of seeing a doctor & therapist. By ordering from this website you have read & agreed to our terms.