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Tarot Card Spreads
(Dragon, Fairy, & Shadowscapes)
$50 half hour reading & discussion 
$100 hour reading & discussion

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  • Celtic Cross – Get an overview of the subject.
  • The Sphere of Influence – Ask 8 specific questions, or see 8 things that are influencing the central card.
  • Single Card – Ask a simple & specific question & get a brief answer.
  • Enlighten, Illuminate, & Clarify – Ask more questions to delve deeper into an area of a spread 1 card at a time. Organic layout.
  •  Past, Present, Future – 3 cards only
  • The Tree of Life – 10 cards. See 3 potential paths to choose from branching away from your present into the ever changing future.  3, 6 & 9mo. Roll dice to predict probability & estimate more specific timing. Make a choice at this crossroads, before the doors to these potential paths close.
  • Stepping Stones – Goals, Wishes, Wants, Dreams, & Desires. 5 card spread: your current moment, where you would like to be & 3 potential steps to take to reach your goal. The path will curve towards with positive cards if possible, away, if unlikely. Roll dice for timing & probability. What you want may not be what you need.
  • Spiral Path – Wheel of the Year. 12 months including your present month. Overview of big events to look forward to, or watch out for in the coming year. Remember that the future is immutable and effervescent. While some events may be highly probable, fated, or destined, other possibilities may be illusive like dandelions on the wind, glimpsed & then blowing away into alternate dimensions, never to be seen again.
  • Five Elements – 5 cards with you as spirit at the center of the elemental Wiccan, or Witch’s Cross. This shows your current relation to the magical elements of the material world.  This directly affects your ability to manifest.
  • Land, Sea & Sky – The 3 veils, or mediums & their rays of Awen. 3 cards representing your connection between the worlds.
  • Chalice – The cup of Unity that you drink from. See what universal energies you are drawing from. 7 card spread. Check to see, if you are connecting with the right kind of energy i.e. high vibration, instead of low vibration. Are you blocked from source?
  • Heart – 11 card spread of the compatibility of 2 people in a relationship. Bringing them together, keeping them together. The cards won’t want to stay in the arrangement, if the 2 lovers are meant to be apart. A strong heart shape will form with highly positive cards, if the romance is healthy & true love. Covers a year’s timeline, or 1 month, so specify prior to reading. Use dice for probability & specific timing.
  • Healing Fairy – Butterfly, Dragonfly, or Singer. Ask higher vibrational beings to aid your healing & illuminate which areas may be experiencing energy blockages. A 7 card spread with the center cards being Mind & Body, the 2 left diagonal wings being  Heart & Aura & The 2 right diagonal wings being Soul & Spirit. A 7th card drawn bellow to show the ability to ground, manifest, balance & center the whole. Use with Holistic Energy Healing.
  • Chakra – 7 to 9 card horizontal spread to view the Chakras & any blockages, or life situations that may be affecting them. This spread works well, if you have already done the Healing Fairy spread. It can touch on more specific health complaints in those regions too.  Use with the Chakra stones on the Shadow Board & with Crystal Healing.

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You will need to download the Zoom app above to your phone, tablet, or computer, create a user account & message me the email that account is under, so I can add you as a contact. Once that is done, just open the Zoom app on the day & time of our appointment & answer the call from me to enter our meeting. Please make sure you are in a quiet & comfortable environment without distractions & where you won't be interrupted for 1 to 3 hours. I suggest bringing a journal & pen, some tea or water, & any kit or other materials that pertain to what we are working on.