Reiki Sessions

Holy Fire Usui Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a form of energy healing that brings the aura, chakras & subtle bodies into balance & harmony within you. Relax & release blockages, while one of our practitioners channels the white rainbow energy of reiki into you. Both hovering hand, distance & laying of hands techniques are available.

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Master Level Sessions
with Stephanie Cimmarusti

Stephanie is the owner of Mystic Moon Tree & practices Magic inspired Reiki with Crystal Healing. She is also available for Distance Healing & Online Video Chat Sessions.

"Awaken the Aura"
Full Chakra Activation Meditation

In this session you will be taken through a full chakra awakening experience. Meditate on profound imagery, while your energy is guided through an assessment & activation of all nine main chakras.


"Painted Reiki"
Holy Fire Healing with Auric Sweeping

In this session you will relax, while your master reiki practitioner paints the symbols of reiki on you, sweeps your aura of negative imbalances & performs holy fire reiki with both hovering hand & the laying of hands techniques to remove blockages & re-pattern your energy field.


Find Peace with Reiki


For Online Video Chat Sessions:

Please Click Here ---> Zoom Online Video Chat Sessions

You will need to download the Zoom app above to your phone, tablet, or computer, create a user account & message me the email that account is under, so I can add you as a contact. Once that is done, just open the Zoom app on the day & time of our appointment & answer the call from me to enter our meeting. Please make sure you are in a quiet & comfortable environment without distractions & where you won't be interrupted for 1 to 3 hours. I suggest bringing a journal & pen, some tea or water, & any kit or other materials that pertain to what we are working on. 

*These sessions are intended to support healing of the aura & spirit & are not intended to treat or cure any disease, or take the place of seeing a doctor & therapist. By ordering from this website you have read & agreed to our terms.