Sacred Spirit Retreat
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A Spiritual Tool Kit, Food, Drinks & Cabin Lodging Are Included.

Tea, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Crystals, Meditation, Nature Connection, Self Healing Exercises, Sacred Space, Tarot, Guidance, Support, Path Working, Energy Healing, Profound Change & Transformation, Magic & High Vibe Circle Rituals. A secluded natural location with amenities, hiking trails, solitude, good food, refreshing drinks, massage, swimming & relaxation.

Day 1 - Circle Casting, Sacred Space & Calling the Elements
Day 2 - Nature Hike & Swimming, Wild & Free Self Reflection, Plant Spirits, & Spirit Guides
Day 3 - Nature Hike, Fairies, Animal Spirit Guides, Synchronicity, Symbols & Dream Walking
Day 4 - Gods & Goddesses Circle, Connecting with Archetypes, & Chrysalis Transformation Ritual
Day 5 - Relaxation, & Celebration

Food & Drinks Included:
Below is the potential menu for the retreat. This will change based on any food allergies & individual diet needs of our participants. Please let us know your unique needs.

Spiritual Kit Includes:

Ͼ Journal & Pen
Ͼ Quartz Point, Palm Stone, or nice tumble
Ͼ Tourmaline, or Obsidian Palm Stone, or nice tumble
Ͼ A Grounding Palm Stone, or nice tumble
Ͼ Aura Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Labradorite, Selenite, Celestite, or Fluorite Crystal
Ͼ Sacred Spirit Chord with Five Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit, God,
   Goddess, Sun, Moon, Fairy, Dreams, Spirit Animal, Spirit Plant, Spirit
   Guide & Crystal Magic
Ͼ Meditate, or Spirit Walk Anointing Oil Synergy Roller Ball
Ͼ A Magic Fairy Flower Essence, or Bach Rescue Remedy
Ͼ May Wine
Ͼ Dream Potion
Ͼ Circle Salts
Ͼ Sacred Water Vial
Ͼ Smudge Stick White Sage (Apiana) & Abalone Shell with Painted Feather
Ͼ A Candle
Ͼ A Bag & Box
Ͼ A Meditation Rug & Mat Roll
Ͼ Attainment Token

5 Day Retreat When & Where
(Manifesting Soon)

Dates are dependent on when the 6 limited spaces fill for this retreat. We are hoping to offer this amazing experience this summer of 2019 at Bear Creek Cabin, a 150 acre secluded retreat, for 5 days near the small town of Georgetown, CA. We will take a field trip on day 2 to the historic gold rush town of Coloma to hike to the American River to go swimming & connect with nature.

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If you feel the call to be a part of this spiritual journey...

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Mystic Moon Tree Retreat

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*This is a health conscious, substance free retreat meaning no drugs, alcohol, marijuana or cigarettes. This is a coed retreat, but not for small children. We are open to accepting mature teens 14 or over with parents' consent so long as they can participate without disrupting the group. We will not be responsible for your minors actions, while at this retreat, so please sign up a chaperone, for their safety. The current location planned for this retreat does not allow pets, but we may be able to accommodate pets in the future who are healthy, socialized, friendly, non destructive, vaccinated, flea free & on heart worm preventative. Contact us privately to discuss your needs.*

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